Wednesday, June 19, 2013

JOHN. PERRY. (always with a french accent)

As it seems that I am a million hundred billion trillion miles away from John Perry, I decided to write about him. I am trying to find inner peace about it! My chi is just not feelin it today.
Therefore todays post is dedicated to my bestest friend.
John Perry in a nutshell:

Hard Worker
Very Competitive
Occasionally Stubborn
Easy Going
Super Cute
Gets free stuff constantly (which I get a little jealous of)

Okay, I could go on and on. And I kind of want I will.

The first thing that I ever learned about John Perry was his energy level. When we were younger I remember him able to go and go and go.  In fact when I tell people who knew him when he was younger that I am engaged to him that is exactly the first thing they say to me, especially former Primary teachers.  
 His ability to rarely feel fatigued is such a unique gift.  This talent combined with his athletic ability and his competitiveness has made him a phenomenal athlete.
Now, before John and I started dating I had heard he had been competing in this sport called Kiteboarding (which is kind of like wakeboarding but with a big kite), but I did not comprehend that he was one of the best.
Till I googled him.

I don't know what it is about a man being really good at something, wether it be a sport, music or art, but there is just something about excellence that women find really attractive.
What's even more attractive is that John has been working on becoming a professional Kiteboarder since he was 11.
He worked for all of it by himself.
So a perk of Kiteboarding is that you can get certified to teach it where ever there is wind and water basically. And the money is really good. So with John being one of the best he has had a lot of job offers. But first he had to get certified which he is in the middle of right now.
Anyway, I went with him to his first week of certification. It was such a fascinating experience.
I was able to watch the riding the test, which was to ensure that those getting certified could actually ride.  As he rode, all the other participants were in awe of him. And I had never seen him that way before.
I mean I loved him and I thought he was an amazing person, but I hadn't seen him like those guys there did. I guess I saw him as a whole with his flaws as well as his good.

And there is so much more to John Perry than Kiteboarding.
One of my favorite memories of him is when we stayed in Hood River. I was staying at the Bishop's house and he was staying with a friend.
Before he left me at the Bishop's house, he asked me if I wanted my hot cereal mix ( I love love my home made hot cereal). Then told the Bishop and his wife how much I loved it.  He was really attentive about it. And it meant the world to me. I guess to me it symbolized how much he really loved me. You know?

Our Future House
It really is the little things.
Like dancing in the kitchen together.
Playing together. (This mostly consists of me being chased while John pretends to be a zombie or a shark if we are in the pool. My two worst fears. I got him hooked on Walking Dead. I regret it so much. Now I get eaten at least 3 times a day.)
Going on bike rides.
Going on walks or hiking.
Singing in the kitchen. (A lot of great things happen in the kitchen.)
Cooking together
Scaring him when he is going to the bathroom
Sitting next to each and holding hands in church
Talking ( Which is mostly me while he listens)
Communicating well
Doing little sweet things for each other.
Going out for sushi
Just smiling

I have one last memory to share and it may be my favoritest and sweetest of them all. Whenever I am sad John will always sing me our favorite song, "If I Had Words" by Scott Fitzgerald and Yvonne Keeley the lyrics go like this,

"If I had words to make a day for you

I sing you a morning golden and new

I would make this day last for all time

Give you a night deep in moonshine"

It is a short and simple song.
But I love it so much.
It is just a little reminder
of the love someone has
for me.
So if there is someone you love oh so much. Give them a smile.
Remember the good.
Doubt the bad.

Much love,
Nola Joy

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