Monday, June 17, 2013


So, I probably have started at least four or five blogs. This is one of those four or five. And I have decided to restart and commit! But I do have some woes about the blog name....honestly I don't know what I was thinking. It is a rather tragic name and not at all clever. Which I think I was trying to be.  But I can't change it so I suppose you can interpret it how ever you would like.  Anyway, I really feel like this blog is more for me to cope than anything else, you know like a journal so I can go back and smile or remember that I am never going to do that again. Plus life is changing for me in so many ways, and I am more than likely bound to have many adventures. So this is for posterity folks.

Alright, newest of the newest news,
Weird, super weird, right? But I am loving it. And you'll never guess who my fiance may or may not be....
This is my most favoritest of him 
JOHN BENJAMIN PERRY!!! (say it with a french accent and it is super sexy) 

Best friend. Enough said. 

And here is our quite romantic story: (There may be a little embellishing)  It all started 13 years ago in Primary. We happened to be in the same Sunday School class and he totally had the hots for me. Me? Well, honestly I was oblivious. Being 8 years old and surrounded by obnoxious boys made it hard for me to really see any true potential.  Apparently John saw the potential right then and there. He confided to his mother in deepest agony over this beautiful girl he was so madly in love with for there was much competition and the odds didn't look too good. "Mom" he would cry, "who is going to get to marry Nola?!" Thankfully my John Perry does not give up and so as we grew up together he continued to try to win my heart.  
Sadly, his tactics could have used a little work.  I am still haunted by the image of him throwing my kittens up on the roof of my house during berry season.  I remember to this day how much I loathed him for doing that.  Good thing I am a mature woman and have finally forgiven him and moved on...mostly.
His older sister, Liz, and I became good friends and so I was frequently at his house, but he never said a word to me. Ever. 
Eventually, his family moved and I didn't hear from him for a few years, until facebook arrived.  And then all of a sudden people I hadn't seen in ages were right there virtually in my life again.  
During the years till John and I started dating (well...I still do this)  I remember looking at his pictures and thinking, wow this boy has gotten pretty cute. And I would day dream about him for a few minutes and not think about him for a while. Until I saw he had a picture with a girl, and I wasn't jealous per say....just I remember wondering what it would be like to date him and if it would be something I might enjoy.  Is that super creepy? Am I the only one?? Oh well at least I got the boy in the end. 
So in a nut shell we started chatting and then he came to visit and then he came to visit more and more then I went to visit. And then I moved to Medford where he was so we could finally stop all this silly visiting business. And that was that. We started doing everything together. Literally.  

He truly became my best friend.  

He adores me. 

And I love him with all my heart. 

 I have to tell you the engament story really quick because it is amazing. 
Well we were on our way home from my family reunion.  And we were going the Nevada way back to his house. First of all, this was the most amazing trip of my life.  Second of all, it was the most stressful trip of my life. 
Stressful because I locked the keys and cellphones in the car and we almost ran out of gas. 
Amazing because I am in love with John Perry and he asked me to marry him. 
So we were on the longest, straightest, most deserted road in Nevada and John says, 
"Hey, we should stop and dance in the road."
So we get out and dance in the middle of the road. Which is quite the adrenaline rush on the longest, straightest, most deserted road in Nevada. 
As we are dancing to "Miracles Happen" by Myra from Princess Diaries (totally unplanned and yes I do have the song on my ipod) John gets down on his knees, and I totally oblivious get down on my knees too because I am thinking this is some new dance that he is teaching me.  But John being oh so sweet and wonderful tells me that I am going to have to stand up for this one. Then he asks me to marry him and I say,  
And we dance and kiss in the road as happy as can be. 

He makes me so very happy. I'm so glad he came into my life.
So that is my newest of newest news more to come soon I am sure. 
Much love, Nola Joy

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